MIL-DTL-117 TY I, CL E, ST I  Barrier Bag


MIL-B-117 TY I,CL E,ST 1 MIL-DTL-117 TY I, CL E, ST 1

This is a Film Foil barrier bag. Conforming to MIL-B-117 TY I, CL E ,ST 1 Replaced by MIL-DTL-117 TY I, CL E, ST 1. Manufactured from MIL-PRF-131 TY 1, CL 1 Barrier Material, Water, Vapor Proof, Greaseproof, Flexible, Heat-Sealable. 

 Required by packaging method 41,42,51 and 52 of  MIL-STD- 2073-1D and unit container code BS.

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